Fitzwilliam Darcy ~ Undone

My next story has a touch of magic woven throughout the story. Yes, I’m still working on Book Four: Mary but Mr. Darcy has most definitely taken over the reins of my imagination and, well, I’ve let him. I thought I’d share with you one small vignette. In this scene, Elizabeth is furious with Mr. Darcy and if you are as familiar with Pride and Prejudice as I think you are, you’ll know exactly why. I won’t say more because I don’t want to ruin the scene.

Although this scene is very chaste, I’m afraid I let a more sensual theme take hold and if/when you buy this book (due out before the end of the year – more on that later), be prepared for some steamy scenes. ‘Nuff said, here is the scene in question.

However, introductions were postponed as not only was Mr. Bennet out with his steward, but a letter awaited Jane from Netherfield Park. Upon reading it her face turned ashen in color. She quickly collected her composure and, although she remained in the room with them, Lizzy knew her sister’s thoughts were miles away. Three miles to be precise. Soon the officers bid their farewell and Jane invited Lizzy to follow her upstairs. When they gained entry to their shared room, she took out the letter and said, “This is from Caroline Bingley, and what it contains, surprised me a great deal.”

Lizzy accepted the envelope, which contained a sheet of elegant, little, hot-pressed paper, well covered with a lady’s fair, flowing hand. She read a few lines and gasped.

“The pomposity of that woman! Declaring she cannot ‘pretend to regret any thing I shall leave in Hertfordshire, except your society’. And to call you her dearest friend. The woman wouldn’t know a friend if they kicked her in the shins while declaring it.” She read further before emitting a very unladylike snort. “This is rich. She hopes their absence can be alleviated by – where is that ubiquitous line? – ‘we may lessen the pain of separation by a very frequent and most unreserved correspondence’.” She threw the letter onto the bed. “Jane, I give you leave to dislike Miss Bingley with all your heart. She is nothing but a pretentious prig.”

“Lizzy,” Jane chastised softly, “that is most unkind. She is letting me know her brother does not hold me with the same regard as I do him. She encourages me to find another beaux without her brother getting in the way of my heart. She is most solicitous in her care of my feelings. She even hinted that Mr. Darcy agrees with her opinions and he is Mr. Bingley’s best friend. Surely he’d know where Mr. Bingley’s true interests lay.”

Never in her life had Elizabeth wished to impose her will on someone else as much as she did right at this moment. How could Jane be deceived by one such as Caroline Bingley? Anyone with eyes in their head could see Bingley was madly in love with her sister. She paused in thought. Of course! They had seen how much in love he was and decided Jane was not of their sphere and hastened to remove him before he could declare himself to all and sundry. And what part did Mr. Darcy play in all this? There was no way Miss Bingley would willingly vacate Netherfield Park without ensuring Mr. Darcy was in tow. Or had he led the parade himself? Given what Miss Bingley revealed in her missive of misery, Mr. Darcy most likely cautioned his friend to leave before he’d committed himself publicly, with no way out of an unwanted marriage.

She fumed silently while Jane carefully returned the letter to its envelope and placed it in her nightstand drawer. Even without her abilities to perceive others emotions, she knew Jane’s heart was aching. Unable to bear her sister’s suffering, she headed downstairs to escape the confines of Longbourn. She stormed to the far end of her mother’s rose garden and paced. Paced and fumed, and fumed and paced not even feeling the cold November air. Her anger waffled between Mr. Darcy and Caroline Bingley. She instinctively knew Mr. Bingley would defer to Mr. Darcy’s counsel long before he acquiesced to his sister’s demands. Her anger mounted with each step. If she could only see Mr. Darcy face to face and tell him what she really thought. A tingling sensation cascaded over and through her body and when she opened her eyes, she found herself in an unfamiliar room, standing before the man himself clad only in a pair of buckskin breeches and Hessian boots.

… well… there you go

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