Great Review for Georgiana

~Interests of a Jane Austen Girl

“Georgiana” starts approximately two years after Darcy marries Elizabeth, and it is now Georgiana’s turn to make her curtsy to the prince regent. In this the Kerr family is introduced – three sons and a mother and two of the sons are married to former Caroline Bingley and Catherine Bennet. The eldest, the Duke of Adborough, Maxwell is quite taken with the young if beautiful Georgiana Darcy and sets his goal on winning her regard. And he certainly had his work cut out for him.

Georgiana who is still wounded after Ramsgate is not looking forward to her presentation at court, as she is unsure if any man wants her for more than her dowry. But when it seems happiness is within her grasp, a compromise nearly destroys her happiness before it has begun…

I cannot recommend this book highly enough, like a book you DEFINITELY want to read! I’m also going to look for further books by Sue Barr. I could barely put this book down, and I am already looking forward to future project from Sue Barr.

Sue Barr’s writing style is relaxed if extremely intensive and paints the scenes so vividly that it seems real, and makes the book very hard to put down. Besides Sue Barr also inspired me to start writing love letters to my boyfriend.

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