Goodbye 2019

We are less than two hours from 2019 sliding into 2020, with a new day, new month, and new decade waiting for us when we wake up. I calculated, with my granddaughter’s help, exactly how many New Year’s Eves I’d brought in with her grandfather. The total was 39. Yikes! Where has the time gone? I remember that evening with clarity. One I have never regretted.

Some of us put undue pressure on ourselves, making resolutions, vowing to do better, live better, love better… which I have never done. I think it’s because I renew my faith every day and use New Year’s Eve as a time for introspection. My daily prayer is for God to create in me a new heart and to renew a right spirit within me. Gotta love those good old church choruses.

My prayer for you in 2020 is to flourish under God’s love and seek His blessing every day. Now THAT’s a New Year’s resolution I can get behind.

Always with love, Sue B

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